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Friday, October 26, 2007

Construction Exercises part 2

I finally got around to doing the heckling hare exercise John posted. First I started figuring out the basic forms and angles like John said. (although I still didn't get the dog's cranium tilt right).

Next I redrew the forms and started building the characters from the ground up. I had a bit of trouble getting Bugs' muzzle right because I wasn't squashing and stretching it the same way as the frame grab, but I think I fixed it.

I haven't yet gone back to identify and correct all the mistakes, but right off the bat I can see that the dog's cranium isn't tilted enough, and Bugs on a whole is too elongated. The right side of Bugs that's supposed to be squashed is too low and looks a bit saggy. Everything on the right needs to be raised up a bit to get more of that exaggerated feeling. Bugs' neck tapers a bit before it connects to the head, when really it should flair a bit. Also, I didn't realize until I started to add the extra details, but the dog's head is way too narrow and his teeth are a little too small.

Construction Exercises part 1

Looks like I'm finally entering the best animation school in the world, John K's school of hard knocks! I even set up my scanner so I'm ready to go.

I anticipated that the lecture today would be boring, so I printed out some construction exercises instead of just falling asleep like I usually do. For some reason the heckling hair screen grab didn't print, but I did have my Preston Blair dog handy, so I gave him a go.

I realized I was paying half attention to lecture and half on the construction and the dog turned out kind of wonky. So I tried to identify all of my mistakes and took another go at the dog.

I think he turned out a lot better now that I stopped pretending to pay attention to the lecture. He still doesn't match up to the original 100%, so I'll have to go back and check all the proportions again and make sure I'm doing it right.