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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Scribner Bugs revisited

With more spare time tonight I thought I'd go back and try and tighten up the old Scribner Bugs Bunny that started this whole blog.

The head's tilt is too extreme and the muzzle is lifted far too high on the right. The cranium is also a little bit too small.

2nd try is much better. However, the nose area and the opened eye are slightly off. Although the wrinkles wrap around the form much more accurately than before.

I also tried redoing the dog. This time paying much more attention to proportions and empty space. The head is still not tilted enough. And this time I overcompensated the tiny cranium and made it slightly too wide, although the height is about right. The flapping jowls are also too short. The muzzle is the right width, it just needs to be elongated along the vertical.

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