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Friday, January 25, 2008

A Study in Tweed

Naked Tweety bird has always been one of my favorite characters. His big ass head and his super big ass feet with those puppy dog eyes and evil grin. He's like the perfect cartoon character, the Terminator of comedy. After seeing those awesome model sheets John posted on his blog I thought it was time to try out my Tweety.

I started with the model that showed the proportions.

Unfortunately, I still messed up the proportion for the body and made it slightly too long, instead of making it 1/2 I made it 3/4. Pretty much everything was too small. I really had trouble getting the roundness correct on the head, cheeks, and feet.

My 2nd attempt, this time paying closer attention to proportions and curvature:

This time it looks like I came a lot closer on achieving the correct curvature in the lines. The proportions are also spot on in a lot of places, however this is not the case for the scale. Most of the individual components are right on and have the right proportions and curvature, but when everything is put together, all the individual parts are off slightly in scale. So the head lines up almost perfect, or the eyes and eyebrows, or the body, or most of the feet, but they don't line up as a whole.

My third attempt:

Again the same thing is happening. Also, the curvatures are not as correct as in the previous attempt.

After trying to draw Tweety you really appreciate how difficult this seemingly simplistic character is to draw, let alone animate. With so little lines and details it's hard to draw everything perfectly to scale since there really isn't a lot you can reference. Also, copying a line curvature is much harder than I thought, especially really huge ones.

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